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Leading Japanese flat knitting machine builder

Le 6 novembre 2017, 04:05 dans Humeurs 0

6 metres per second, and permits quicker carriage returns for higher efficiency per knitted course. The machine on show was a 15 gauge machine which has a needle hook equivalent in size to a 12 gauge needle. The machines new R2 carriage system increases maximum knitting speed to 1. The machine on display was knitting a 12 gauge garment in under 20 minutes which is remarkable considering most SWG-X garments take the biggest part of an hour to knit. A new split stitch technique allows efficient knitting when widening on sleeves by eliminating empty courses.

It also features Shimas R2 carriage system for higher knitting speeds and greater productivity and is capable of gaugeless knitting whereby a number of different gauges can be knit in a single garment. According to Shima, when combined, these features give up to twice the productivity of SWG-X, depending on knitting conditions.

The garments produced are on the fine side of 12 gauge but the machine is aimed at the 12 gauge market with productivity improvements and better rib quality.6 metres per second. The four needle bed MACH2X and two needle bed MACH2S are being showcased at ITMA Asia + CITME 2008 which opened in Shanghai yesterday. MACH2X also allows for a tighter fabric especially for ribs, contributing to higher-quality Wholegarment items. The new MACH2S is based on the NewSES-SWG two needle bed latch needle Wholegarment machine.

Like the SWG-X on which it is based, the new MACH2X is a Wholegarment machine which features four needle beds and Shima Seikis slide needle. As the name suggests the main features of the MACH2X are its increased knitting speed and greater productivity.Leading Japanese flat knitting machine builder Shima Seiki has launched two new high speed flat knitting machines for seamless Candy Making Machine knitwear which run at speeds of up to 1

Compared with the traditional way of cutting

Le 24 octobre 2017, 05:39 dans Humeurs 0

But behind the amazing production and exports, it has untold embarrassment, before the appearance of cloth laser cutting machine, the structural contradictions of Chinese textile products have become increasingly prominent, three major issues make the Chinese textile industry unable to get rid of the "big but not strong" situation: First, the single textile raw material; Second, process, backward technology and equipment; Third, it is not suited to high-volume, multi-species, fast delivery of clothing qualities requirements. The clean cloth non-woven cut by small laser cutting machine will not be yellow, the automatic closing side without ghost edge, no deformation, not hard, consistent and accurate dimensions; it can cut any complex shapes with high efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can be cut to any shape of any of the various sizes of lace.1mm), soft effect.

Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, as long as the design on a computer, the products can be finished. In addition, it can be used in depicting special effects or pattern on the leather to make the finished product even more elaborate and creative. It is suitable for the processing of a variety of the leather materials, it can be used by leather, luggage companies and the shoe producers, high-end shoes, purses and leather cutting special shapes without edges and sense of high frequency or blunt knife cutting pressure and with standard size, small error ( 0.

According to statistics, every one cloth of the world's seven clothes is made in China, every four export garments are made in China, so China has undoubtedly become the "factory of the world".leather laser cutting machine breaks the situation that the traditional manual and electric scissors are slow and difficult typesetting and fully solve the problem of low efficiency and wasted materials, and the speed is fast, simple to operate, simply put the size and graphics into the computer, the machinery will cut the whole material into the finish you need without tool or mold, the use of a laser to achieve simple Swiss Roll Machine and fast non-contact processing.

Compared with the traditional way of cutting, laser cutting machine not only has low price, low consumption and no mechanical pressure in the laser processing of the workpiece, so the cutting effect, accuracy, and cutting speed are very excellent, and it also has the features of safe operation and maintenance and continuous 24-hour work.As a new processing method, laser cutting machine processing is widely used in leather, textile and garment industry gradually with its characteristics of precise, fast, simple operation and high degree of automation.

The automation includes higher production rates

Le 24 octobre 2017, 05:37 dans Humeurs 0

It can be used to deposit functional materials for example conductive inks, adhesives, dyes and lubricants.The most common and versatile method is that of screen-printing. Pad printing is very cost effective and is having a lot of color option and ink formulas to use in multicolor printing, decoration on the surface of metals. This is accomplished using an indirect offset printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plate via a silicone pad onto a surface to be printed.

Pad printing needs reduced capital outlay as this printing technology is relatively inexpensive for multi-color printing process. Two frequent techniques are using in inking the plates, one is open inkwell and other is sealed ink cup or closed cup system in pad printing.

It has been enjoying a high repeat order rate after lunching to the market and obtains a good feedback from customers. The pad printing cycle includes practise as follows. The ink has applied to the plate, the soft silicone cushion is press onto the plate and the image has transferred onto the cushion and in turn, the cushion shift the image onto the product.The automation system are often it of integrating the industrial machinery to automatically do task for example wielding, material handling, packing, dispensing, cutting so on. Pad printing process is straightforward learning at the moment are easily handled & maintained.Pad Printing can be used on plastics, metals, ceramics and glass. The sealed ink cup sits over the etched artwork area of a printing plate, covering the image and filling it who have ink.

The sealed ink cup moves from the etched artwork area, taking all the excess ink & exposing the etched image and that is filled up with ink.Pad printing is another durable type of printing process Swiss Roll Machine using for transforming a 2D image onto 3D object. Pad printing machine involves relatively low space than other printing machines.The use of hardware and software automation systems raises the productivity, safety and profit.Pad printing is used in laser marking and engraving method. Automation system enables to scale back waste, factory lead times and production cost. The automation includes higher production rates & increased productiveness, more efficient use of materials, superior product quality, improved safety, shorter working hours for labours & reduced factory lead times.Pad Printing machine applies a soft silicone pad to shift the print from a metal plate onto which the logo or print has been photographically imprinted.It can be utilized for the any highly developed surfaces possessing different types of angles along with that makes it best choice intended for printing needs in business.

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