At present, China has become the world's largest commodity production and export country, and at the same time, the eyes of the world also focus on China packaging market with the fastest developing speed and the most potential. Although there is a bright market prospect for Custard Cake Machine, but the problems such as single machine automation, poor stability and reliability, unsightly exterior modeling and short service life etc. All these problems are often-criticized in the packaging machinery industry. 

If one forgets to bring a pen or pencil in a very important appointment, there’s no need to panic. These office supplies vending machines can be found in public libraries, campuses, airports, and other locations where office workers and students are likely to go. They display stamps, pens, pencils, paper, USB flash drives and other important office and school supplies. These machines are easy to load and dispense but the items are usually a little more expensive than those in bookstores and convenience stores.

Snacks and beverage Biscuit Factory Machine are among the most common vending machines. They are usually found in schools, offices, hospitals, airports and gasoline stations. This combo machine features adjustable trays allowing configuration for the top selling products. People can buy varieties of snacks and drinks, from Potato Chips, to cookies and candy. The soda drink side of the machine vends both cans and bottles. Most of these machines can accept both coins and bills.

Customers don’t need to buy DVDs to watch their favorite movies because the entertainment vending machines are found in most fast food chains, restaurants, near entrance of department stores and convenience stores. These machines typically hold more than 500 DVDs. They become popular because they offer quick and cheaper entertainment. This self-service machine is combined with interactive touch screen, a robotic disk array system and a web-linked electronic communications. The customer pays with a credit or debit card and returns the DVD on the next day. Additional charges are applied if DVDs are not returned on their due dates.